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Getting Started With ReactJS

React JS is today’s most powerful JavaScript Library for building User Interfaces. Build modern, fast Single Page Applications or websites with React with this guide.

Quick Guide On How Ambiance Light Works With Sound Sensor

With smart home and automation, we need to sense the intensity of light in many appliances. Here we explain a simple implementation of ambient light to sound sensor.

How to publish your library to jCenter

Setup your repository on Bintray. Sign Up for an Open Source Account and check your Android project. Learn more about challenges and how you can publish your library to jCenter.

Train and deploy Keras models with TensorFlow on Amazon SageMaker (Facial Emotion Detection)

Let’s get started in learning how to detect human emotions or what we say face expression recognition using Keras models.

Everything You Should Know About FaceApp & Its Implementation

We’re talking about the one challenge that is trending and its called the FaceApp Challenge. Know how this social media fad uses machine learning and algorithms to produce the result.


Learn how to build a gesture detection using the Computer Vision approach from scratch – data to making the Neural Network model.

How to Integrate WooCommerce with WordPress

In this guide to integrate Woocommerce with WordPress, we’ll show you how to extend the ecommerce functionality to your WordPress website, it’s installation, minimum requirement and automatic installation.

How to secure your Javascript

Learn the basic practice to secure the most important JavaScript. Here is how you can safeguard your based Web application.

How to create custom Live template in Android Studio

Unless you’re getting paid for all the keystrokes, you can avoid repetitive codes by creating live templates in Android studio. Read about it…

Launched Qibus: A Bus Booking Mobile App Template

Qibus Android & iOS UI Template has amazing 20 screens. Create, manage and utilize this mobile app template UI for bus booking & other travel booking businesses.


SwiftUI introduces a brand new approach to build User Interfaces for iOS apps. In this post, you learn how to step up a new project and basics of working with SwiftUI.

AR Fashion in iOS

Have an iPhone or iPad on iOS 11 or 12? Apple’s amazing augmented reality experiences are here for fashion industry.

Connecting Web page to AWS with API Gateway and Dynamo DB

The following steps will help you install, configure, and secure a web page connection to AWS with API gateway and Dynamo DB. Begin building your AWS project now!

Notekeeper Application Using Flutter

Flutter makes it easy and fast to build beautiful mobile apps. Written in the Dart language and allows ease to Android and iOS App developers. In this guide, we are discussing a step by step process to make a note-keeping app using Flutter.

iOS and Swift for Beginners

A step-by-step guide to learning iOS app development for iphone/ipads using Swift language.

Android For Beginners

Want to know the basics of Android development? Be ready to develop an Android app from the beginner level.

Explore How Future of AWS Greengrass Hinges On DynamoDB (Part – II)

AWS continues to find unique ways to incorporate different technologies. 2019 is the year AWS goes deeper into the enterprise. And, with DynamoDB, it opens a whole new door of opportunities.

AWS Greengrass with DynamoDB (Part – I)

AWS Greengrass, a service that extends Amazon Web Services functionality to Internet of Things (IoT) devices is now allowing a business to perform data collection and analysis quite closer to its origin. Know all about it in this post.

Smart Water Management System with IOT & AWS

The Internet of Things is associated with almost every luxury in our life. Read how IOT can be put to use for a better water management system.


Artificial Intelligence is integrating mood-sensing as an intrinsic element of the product interface. Read all about this Candy dispenser that detects emotions to curate more intuitive experience.


AWS Lambda is a compute service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. AWS Lambda executes your code only when needed and scales automatically.

Keyboard-Less KYC

A simple but unique idea to extract the details useful for KYC just by taking the snap of your ADDHAR CARD.


Briefing on making the Arduino and raspberry pi talking with each other using NRF24L01 wirelessly.

Smart Home With Flutter

Flutter is Google’s multi-platform mobile app SDK for crafting beautiful native experiences on iOS, Android and Web in record time. Start developing flutter from scratch.


Node-MCU is a small compatible device that can work with MQTT protocol and Firebase usefull to make the Smart Home System.

How To Make Communication Between Arduino And Raspberry Pi Using Nrf24l01 Module (Part-I)

Briefing on making the Arduino and raspberry pi talking with each other using NRF24L01 wirelessly.