Smart Water Management System with IOT & AWS

The Internet of Things is associated with almost every luxury in our life. Read how IOT can be put to use for a better water management system.

Smart Water Management System with IOT & AWS

1. Introduction:

In this project, we have come up with Smart Water Management technology. Here, we have use components like Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi, nRF24l01(Trans-receiver), Ultrasonic Sensor and made possible communication between them for transferring data. At backend side we have worked and used services of AWS like Greengrass Core, DynamoDB, Lambda Function, S3 Bucket, API Gateway and AWS IoT. By integrating and implementing all this together we made our system possible to work successfully which is shown below.

The System demo:

2. Problem & Purpose:

As we all know that our daily life schedule is so heavy and fast. So, to manage all little chores at home is sometime become difficult. So, for that to give smart home solution by address it with smart technology and hands on solution. This is an experiment and new way to manage things.
Our idea is to have hub kind of system. Where things and devices are attached and integrated to get analyzed data and also to process further for that data to acquire intended output. Here in our system we have made Raspberry Pi as our heart of system.

3. Working:

To implement such innovative system in real-time, have a look downside further and refer the links below:
Part 1:
  • Firstly, before starting anything else we need to integrate IoT components together. For that we need to understand that components, its pin, usage, properties and functionalities for make it work successfully after integration.
  • Now Click here, to understand more on Arduino Uno, Ultrasonic sensor and nRF24l01 and their connection.
Part 2:
  • After having a glance on Part1, now we are further going ahead with integration of this components and make communication possible with wireless connectivity.
  • Now Click here, to understand and implement step by step through this blog. “Wireless communication between A-A and A-R”
Part 3:
  • Now, after integrating components and make communication of data possible. We need to store data as per its timestamp to DynamoDB as our database. But firstly, we have to install AWS Service i.e. Greengrass.
  • To understand, install and integrate Greengrass with Pi Click here
Part 4:
  • Now installed Greengrass successfully to pi, here we go to understand some basic about Lambda Function as well as how to deploy HTML, CSS files to S3 Bucket and direct page to Dashboard.
  • S3 Bucket plays a very important role here.
  • NOTE: Whenever we make a change to our actual file of HTML and CSS every time we need to deploy it.
  • For our system how we deployed it let’s see “How to host Static Webpage”
Part 5:
  • Now till now we have made connections, install Greengrass than practice S3 for deploying our requiring webpages statically.
  • But now onwards most important entity comes. i.e. To store data, we use DynamoDB and to Invoking exposed API methods through the frontend HTTP and WebSocket endpoints we use API Gateway of AWS.
  • Like “API RESTful Gateway and DynamoDB”

4. Realtime Usage:

  • For real-time implementation, we have used few features that we are serving to user.
  • They are stated below:
    • Included Timestamp along with Data to get updated Data.
    • Used AJAX such that our webpage will automatically refreshes the data on Dashboard.
    • And keep it updated by getting real-time data through database.
    • This is possible by using Lambda Function and integrate DynamoDB with it.

5. Requirements:

  • AWS Account.
  • To know how to operate AWS Management Console.
  • Knowledge for accessing and using AWS Services.
  • Understanding of IoT components.
  • IoT components.
Then go ahead with this blog for more deeper understanding.

6. Diagrams:

7. Conclusion:

  • We can experiment various new technology with the old problems to get smart handy solution. Here, with AWS Cloud services and IoT both plays a very important role.
  • We made a system called “Smart water Management system” to have innovative touch-up. This is one additional way we provide to make our home management system handy and smart.
  • Follow our Blogs for more unique and innovative ideas and experiment. Hope you enjoyed.