Now you can watch how your conversion rate changes as you run your experiments before that you have to complete all five stages of experiments.

7. Run your marketing experiments with the help of different tools

There are many available tools for example if you want to AB test changes to landing page tools, Visual Website Optimizer makes it very easy.

If you are developer and developer resources then Google experiments is very useful to split traffic.

8. Double your winners and repeat them

Never stop accepting the first improvement, keep pushing with improvement is one of the part of your business. Continuously and Systematically work on your idea until this matrix stops improving.

Once you have improved that part significantly than you can repeat the process from step 1.


An overall marketing strategy  I’ve outlined here is part of an overall marketing analytics strategy to improve your business using data, creativity and a scientific approach and given title as how to run marketing experiments.

It is the combination of marketing analytics tools and driven strategy to enable your focus on specific part of your business for continuous improvement in growth.