Key Advantages of Mobile App Development for Your Business by Goldenmace

Advantages of Mobile app for your business

The whole reason behind creating a mobile presence through mobile app means you want to connect and engage your customers when they are using a mobile device. When is the last time every mobile user takes to their bed? That’s the mobile device and it leads us to connect with them even when they are on bed. The most potential advantages a mobile app has over a mobile website and desktop website. Lets have look into Advantages of Mobile app for your business by Goldenmace.

➤ Mobile apps provide a superior user experience.

Mobile app takes the user experience to a whole new level by combining content, navigation, and integrated mobile device functionality in a way that optimizes the user’s relationship to his smartphone or tablet.
Native apps engage the user beyond the capabilities compare to mobile website and desktop website.
➤ Mobile apps provide a superior user experience.
The superior user experience is one reason that mobile device users spend 86% of their time interacting with mobile apps compared to just 14% using mobile browsers.

➤ Mobile apps give you a direct communication channel to your customers.

A mobile take place besides the use device that means it’s always there to remind them about your brand and identity which sometime force them to open your brand name app.
Mobile apps give you a direct communication channel to your customers.

Additionally, In app you can put information which most user or your customers check on fingertips, whether that’s information about products, prices, sales, promotions whatever you want. When paired with push notifications, which means we the app provider approaching a level of direct interaction in mobile market through mobile app to reach users easily.

➤ Mobile apps are better for customer engagement.

To increase user engagement User Interface is one of the most important part of any app, additionally it can be also increase because mobile apps integrate so many different activities and capabilities.
Mobile apps are better for customer engagement.

Let’s look at a few examples:

A customer uses a hotel booking app to reserve a room for himself and three guests e-mail the confirmation to his friends using address book, collect loyalty rewards points or cash back, set a reservation reminder, pull up step-by-step directions to the hotel location, take a selfie with his friends at hotel and share it on social media and pay online.

➤ Mobile apps have functionality even when they are offline.

One of the major advantages of mobile app, since your customers can access information on your app even if they aren’t connected to the Internet. You can build offline menus, product lists, podcasts, games, etc. as there is no real limit to the offline information you can bake into your app.

➤ Your mobile app can actually optimize and extend the assets in your mobile website.

Think of the mobile app as a natural way to curate all the native resources and data feeds (videos, news, social, etc.) as well as specific pages from your mobile website and combine them with relevant external and/or third-party resources and capabilities.
In today’s mobile-driven world, the question for small businesses shouldn’t be whether you should build a mobile website or a mobile app; the better question is how you can integrate the two into a highly effective mobile presence that advances your marketing goals.
A mobile app to advance lower funnel goals (conversion, engagement, customer loyalty),  your small business can be head and shoulders above the competition.

What do you use in your small business mobile marketing?

  1. A website with responsive design?
  2. A mobile website?
  3. A mobile app?

What does Goldenmace do?

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