Author: Darshan K

IoT Applications in Manufacturing Sector   With IoT applications in manufacturing sector, manufacturers can monitor the condition of machinery and look for indicators predictive failure, for example – vibration, temperature or pressure outside threshold limits. This means that the technician needs to make fewer visits, reducing costs and resulting in faster recovery.     IIoT […]

Mobile Marketing Tips And Tricks For Beginners   There are various ways that somebody is able to promote their businesses through mobile devices. With so many different opinions surrounding mobile marketing, you likely have no idea how to start. The following tips below can help you begin your journey into mobile marketing. These Mobile Marketing […]

Bendable smartphones   Bendable smartphones are on their way as China startup Moxi aims to beat Samsung. A little-known startup in China is gunning to be the first to sell bendable smartphones this year, seeking to upstage Samsung, which has started to dabble in flexible-screen technology.     Moxi Group, based in Chongqing, says it will ship 100,000 of the devices […]

upcoming trends in online marketing   As we all knows marketing industry changes like fashion trends and upcoming trends in online marketing always arrives with new thoughts and imaginations. I am sure there are some basic fundamental principles that are always same like know your audience, measure your results, and so on but the mechanisms […]

how to run marketing experiments   In past months I was working with some clients, helping them look at their growth using marketing strategy. They all had good revenue, and wanted to grow faster.    They knew they could do better but needed help with these questions:  Where do I start? What tactics should I use? How should […]